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Here you will find helpful resources and materials to help you more fully understand and study God's Word.


Bible Study Resources

Some Interesting Facts About the Bible - an Introduction to the Bible and Biblical principles book-by-book.

Sermon Audio - hear topical studies of the Bible presented in MP3 format.

Bible Topics A to Z - Bible topics and scripture references from "Adultery" to "Zeal".

Brief Bible Articles - brief articles written by John Wright designed to encourage the reader and teach Biblical principles

Who are the churches of Christ and what do they believe in? -- A Question and Answer format article by Batsell Barrett Baxter

Articles on Specific Topics

Worship in song:
Does the Bible authorize Christian worship with musical instruments?

FREE Evangelism Software

FREE SOFTWARE! - The Upon the Rock PC program is a 1.3 Mb downloadable program containing a four-lesson evangelistic Bible Study with several short topical studies on questions a seeker might ask. This study is designed to be passed on to a friend who is interested in becoming a Christian. It contains a slideshow of an actual baptism. Those who download this program are free to make copies (it is small enough to fit on a standard floppy disk) and distribute them to anyone who might be interested. The program's contents originated with Phil Sanders of the Concord Road Church of Christ. Feedback and comments may be directed to Phil at Click here to download the software. It will download as an executable file. When you run it, it will install several files that will run on your PC with minimal memory required. Included is a text file that will help you with the installation and operation of the program.