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Here you will find links to other websites or materials we think you will find interesting and helpful.

Please remember when exploring these links that the sites they lead to are not maintained by Woodbine Church of Christ. We believe they are scripturally sound sites; however, it is always important to compare the teachings presented to the teachings found in God's Word, the Bible. See Acts 17:10-11. Clicking these links will open a separate browser window.

Miscellaneous Links - This site's stated purpose is to teach anything and everything about the word of God. Their hope is that, over time, it will become an encyclopedic resource for everything Bible-related.

Bible Gateway - read the Bible in a variety of translations and languages. Also do word searches for passages containing specific Bible words. Please note that Bible Gateway is a service of Gospel Communications Network, which is not affiliated with the church of Christ.

Bible Gateway Audio Bibles - listen to the Bible being read - listen to Gospel sermons from some of the greatest Gospel preachers of all time! Featuring numerous sermons by Guy N. Woods, as well as a smaller number by N.B. Hardeman, B.C. Goodpasture, G.C. Brewer, Marshall Keeble, Foy E. Wallace, Jr., George W. DeHoff, Batsell Barrett Baxter, and Charles Holder. Requires the RealOne Player software you can get for FREE at

What Do The Scriptures Say? - Official website of the TV program broadcast in Prescott, Arizona and hosted by Danny Anderson and Mike Scott, minister of the Mt. Vernon Church of Christ. The site includes the ability to search for articles on specific topics.

What is the church of Christ? - An outline by Joe R. Barnett

In Search of the Lord's Way television program website. This program has been broadcast for over 25 years. The site has a streaming audio and video archive of past programs.

Apologetics Press - a non-profit, tax-exempt work dedicated to the defense of New Testament Christianity. The e-books section provides downloadable versions of the organization's books in Adobe Acrobat format.

Bible Study and Bible Class Resource Links - a Bible study site that has an amazing variety of materials - including commentaries, concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, and lexicons. - an in-depth study of the life of Christ as found in the Synoptic Gospels.

Executable Outlines - over 1,100 sermons and Bible studies in HTML and PDF format by Mark A. Copeland. This site also has an extensive links page. - an in-depth study of the meaning and purpose of baptism

Internet Bible Study - 25 excellent lessons on the topic "Are You Really Sure of Your Eternal Salvation?" This is an excellent website to lead those seeking the truth to become obedient to the gospel call. Also be sure to use the second series of 24 lessons on this website dealing with the subject "Are You Worshipping God in Spirit and In Truth?" which discusses topics such as the role of women in the church, attendance, giving, prayer, partaking of the Lord's Supper, and a capella singing. - This site contains a wealth of resources for using technology (including computers, video, and software) to aid in teaching the Bible. The site is maintained by Terry Taylor, a Sunday School teacher and deacon at the church of Christ in Carbondale, Illinois.

Other Congregations of the Lord's Church

Churches of Christ on the Web - a directory of the web sites of individual congregations indexed by U.S. state and International - maintained by the Church of Christ / North in Shreveport, Louisiana

Granny White church of Christ - Nashville, Tennessee

Concord Road Church of Christ - Brentwood, Tennessee

Hillsboro Church of Christ - Nashville, Tennessee

Highland Heights Church of Christ - Smyrna, Tennessee

LaVergne Church of Christ - LaVergne, Tennessee


Gospel Advocate - bookstore and Gospel Advocate magazine publisher

21st Century Christian - bookstore located in Nashville, Tennessee

Publications Supported by churches of Christ - a website dedicated to investigating biblical apologetics, religious doctrine, and ethical issues. This site is the web edition of The Christian Courier, a monthly printed journal of religious studies edited by Wayne Jackson. If you subscribe to the print edition (it's only $8.00/yr.), each month you will receive a rich Bible study delivered right to your door. The articles contained in the web edition of this publication are NOT the same as those published in the print edition.

Gospel Advocate - The oldest journal published within churches of Christ, the Gospel Advocate is known for its integrity, doctrinal balance, timely topics and timeless truths. Current subscription price is $16.98/yr.

Gospel Minutes - a weekly print subscription publication of Gospel Minutes Publications, Inc. edited by Clem Thurman. It is made available online thanks to the efforts of volunteers at the West Freeway church of Christ in Ft. Worth, Texas. To view or print the publication, you'll need to install Adobe Reader software available for FREE by clicking:

Gospel Gazette Online - a 20-page, monthly Internet religious magazine with a treasure trove of articles on various Bible topics - be sure to visit the archives section of the site for past issues back to January 1999.

HouseToHouse.comHouse to House/Heart to Heart (HTH) is published bimonthly by the Jacksonville (AL) church of Christ. HTH is now distributed by over 650 churches in 36 states and 3 foreign countries. 1,498,000 copies of the next issue will be sent out. Archived issues are available.

Organizations Supported by churches of Christ

Agape - an organization serving Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas and dedicated to serving the needs of families and children through adoption, foster care, unplanned pregnancy support services, and faith-based counseling and psychological servies with an unconditional agape love.

Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc. - a non-profit corporation that immediately responds to any major disaster in the continental United States by sending truckloads of emergency food, water, cleaning, and other supplies to disaster victims. Since 1991, the organization has distributed more than $35 million in emergency food and supplies to disaster victims in 35 states.

Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) - GBN is a 24/7 satellite television network that started broadcasting on November 26, 2005. Programming includes Bible preaching and teaching, a capella music, and Christian evidences for all ages and stages of life.

Good News Network (GNN) - GNN is a non-commercial Internet broadcaster (virtual radio/TV station) that has been broadcasting nonstop since June 1999 and is dedicated to sharing the good news of salvation with the whole world via the Internet. GNN broadcasts recorded sermons, lectures, gospel meetings, and gospel music 24/7. GNN is overseen by the elders of the Walnut Hill Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas.

World Christian Broadcasting - owners and operators of Station KNLS, an international short wave radio station located in Anchor Point, Alaska. World Christian Broadcasting exists to teach God's Word. Since July, 1983 their primary mission has been the production and broadcasting of Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and English programming targeting the former Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, and the Pacific Rim countries such as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

Directories of churches of Christ

Churches of Christ on the Web - a directory of the web sites of individual congregations indexed by U.S. state and International - maintained by the Church of Christ / North in Shreveport, Louisiana

ChurchZip - Search for churches of Christ by zipcode and geographic location. Great for those searching for a place to worship while on vacation!

World Wide Directory of the churches of Christ - a directory that is part of a larger web site, Please note that the directory is far from comprehensive.